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Cheap and Simple Home Improvements to Add Value to your Property

For many of us, a house is one of the biggest investments we will make over the course of our life; the last thing we want is for our investment to drop in value over the years. Here are 7 essential tips to add value to your home:

1. Keep up the Front of your Home
This tip is most useful when you’re thinking to sell and upgrade. Clean your front door, paint it or give it a power-wash. Manicure the bushes in front of your home. Basically, give your home a makeover so that it can put its best face forward. This is an easy tip and takes little time and money, but it ups the market value more than you might expect.

2. Let some Light in!
When homes are brighter, they feel more spacious and inviting. One simple tip is to strategically place mirrors across from windows. You can also consider adding a skylight or building a conservatory, though these are more for the long run rather than the immediate sell. Try to set the mirrors or the skylights so that they illuminate the dark corners, making the rooms feel bigger and adding more of that welcome feeling to your dwelling.

3. Gardens are Golden
Green growing things add life and make a space more appealing. This goes for both the inside or the outside of your home. To make it really work for you, keep it clean and weeded, open and clutter-free. Mow the lawn and cut back any overgrown trees or shrubs. For outside gardens, privacy is essential, so you’ll want to bring in a feeling of solitude. It’s amazing how much this can increase the value of your home.

4. Make the Kitchen and Bath Sparkle
If the house is great aside from the kitchen, you’re looking at a fixer-upper at best. You want an attractive kitchen, one that looks fresh and hygienic. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets is a great start here, and it helps to replace old and worn doors and handles. Good lighting is essential, and this is one of the cheapest – and highest impact – improvements you can make. Consider under unit lighting as well. It will also help to make sure that there is adequate storage room, so improve the larder however possible. Clean the grout, update the caulk, and replace any frosted glass with clear. Finally, look at the tiles, ensuring that they are well-fit and have a color that is easy to keep clean.

5. Go for Neutral Wall and Ceiling Colors
Everyone has different tastes and prefers different styles. With patterned wallpaper, you’ll alienate a large percentage of prospective buyers right off the bat. Keep it neutral and open. Think solid colors, bright and light enough that new home owners can redecorate easily according to their preferences. Keep the ceilings in mind as well, as neutral, bright colors here will open your home, making it feel bigger and more inviting.

6. Care and Maintenance Are King
Before considering major renovations, make sure that all the small details have been attended to. How about that leaky faucet? Where are the storm doors? How is the sceptic system? Are the windows fitted tight and solid? Are you dealing with leaky rain gutters? How about gutter guards?

New home owners can remodel at their heart’s content, but they are more likely to be willing to when the basics have been attended to.

7. Green your Home
Green efficiency is an element of growing appeal on the real estate market. Some simple tips here are to make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems are efficient and up-to-date. This will lower your heating and cooling costs and increase your market value immensely. Solar panels are a huge plus, as are any energy-saving methods. The greener your home, the more value it has, and this trend will only increase in the coming years.

While these are some excellent tips to get you started, there are so many other simple things you can do to add thousands – or tens of thousands – to the value of your home. Have a look at what brokers recommend when it comes to getting the most out of your home sale.

At Sydney Leaf Screening, we understand that your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. For this investment to work for you, it’s important to make decisions that will reduce costs and increase value for all the years to come. We are dedicated to helping you on this journey in any way possible.

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