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The Importance of Gutter Guards for Drainage

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Why install gutter leaf guards?  It’s really not all that necessary, right?  How important could they be?

Short answer: more than you might expect.  Gutters are essential for keeping water away from the house and foundation.  When they are clean and clear, you won’t have to worry about flooding, pooling, or leakage.  However, they can be easily clogged by falling leaves and other debris.

Gutters help to prevent soil erosion, the build-up of mould and mildew, peeling paint, ruined fascia boards, and, in extreme cases, cracked foundations.  And, when your rain gutters become clogged, they no longer function effectively.  Clogged gutters collect moisture and soak sensitive areas of your home, making you even more prone to these challenges than you would be with no rain gutters at all.

On top of that, consider the fire risk.  Anyone who has ever gone camping knows how well leaves burn.  When leaves collect in your gutters, your home becomes a fire hazard.  A few unseasonably hot days can lead to a frantic call to the fire department and many costly repairs.

One way of dealing with this is to just let the leaves collect.  But, this is not a good solution unless you want to set yourself up for loads of expensive repairs.  Alternately, you can take it upon yourself to perform regular maintenance of your rain gutters, getting out the ladder and spending hours on the roof.  Since leaves fall so rapidly, you can find yourself on the roof a couple of weekends a month, brushing and flushing your gutters so that they function properly.  The best approach is to fit your gutters with gutter guards.  These will ensure that you never again have to deal with the hassle of clearing your gutters.  They literally do the job for you.

In short, gutter leaf guards protect your home from all manner of costly repairs.  Gutter guards are sections of metallic mesh which overlap your roof and completely cover your rain gutters.  With one simple gutter guard installation, you’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters again.  They will add value to your home, and a tastefully installed leaf gutter guard can even add a touch of aesthetic appeal.  Best of all, they reduce the amount of time, money, and energy you have to spend to keep your home in prime condition, while also upping your market value.

So the question isn’t, “why install gutter guards?”  It’s “why not?”  You can save time and money, beautify your home, add value, eliminate a fire hazard, and reduce the need for multiple costly repairs.  When you look at the big picture, it’s a no-brainer.

When it’s time to consider the longevity and value of your home, contact us.  We provide free, no obligation quotes for rain gutter cleaning and maintenance and gutter guard installation.

At Sydney Leaf Screening, we understand that your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life.  For this investment to work for you, it’s important to make decisions that will reduce costs and increase value for all the years to come.  We are dedicated to helping you on this journey in any way possible.

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