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Why Gutter Guards Are Essential for Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year.  The leaves turn and the skies are filled with a riot of colour.  And, while this may be a perfect time to be a photographer, it can be a real headache as a homeowner.  Heavy leaf fall is guaranteed to clog any rain gutters unequipped with gutter leaf guards.  This is especially important in areas of high vegetation like the leafy suburbs of the North Shore and the Blue Mountain area.

It might seem like clogged gutters aren’t that big a deal, but left unattended, they can lead to all sorts of expensive problems.  Rain gutters allow water to clear the roof properly, preventing flooding or pooling.  When they are clogged, constant dampness and leakage can damage fascia board and cause the paint on your siding to peel.  Perpetual moisture around the foundation is a breeding ground for mildew, mould, and pests.  Leakage can lead to soil erosion and damage nearby landscape, and if left unchecked, it can cause foundations to crack and lead to collapse of your home.  To top it off, when leaves accumulate in your rain gutters, your home is more susceptible to brush fires and other fire hazards.

So what’s the solution?  One answer is to clean your gutters regularly.  In autumn, this means spending every other weekend climbing a ladder and dredging your rain gutters for every leaf, twig, seed, and pod.  With heavy leaf fall, debris collects in your gutters faster than you might think.  Skip a couple of weekends, and you could have gutters so packed with leaves and other debris that clogging could be the least of your worries.  Split seams, loose downspouts, sagging gutters, these issues can cost a bundle and severely reduce the value of your home.

So is there an alternative?  Thankfully, yes.  Gutter leaf guards can make the chore of cleaning your rain gutters a thing of the past.  It’s a simple solution.  Metallic wire mesh overlapping your roof and covering your rain gutters will make sure that no leaves enter your rain gutters.  Say goodbye to the hours spent climbing ladders and dredging out mouldy leaves.  With a gutter guard installation, you can free up hours of weekend time every month and have more time to do what you really want to do.

Gutter guards are a simple and relatively inexpensive home improvement.  On top of that, they can vastly improve your quality of life during the fall.  Why spend hours every month cleaning your rain gutters when you can protect your gutters so that you never have to deal with leaf debris again?  More than that, why leave your home at the risk of cracked foundations, soil erosion, fire hazards, costly repainting, and fascia board repairs?

Autumn may still be months away, but what better time is there to protect your home so you never have these headaches again?  If you’d like to know more about gutter guards or arrange a free inspection and quote for your home, contact us.  At Sydney Leaf Screeners, we’re dedicated to helping you improve the value of your home and reduce your overall costs.

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