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Home Improvement in the Spring – Top Tips

Alright.  You’ve been smart, waited out the winter so that you can jump on the home improvements when the weather is right.  But, aside from solid gutter leaf protection, where should you focus your efforts?  Well, you’ve taken a great first step, which is to do your homework.  Now, let’s look at how that can translate into proper preparation.

The first step after winter is to check your home over and do a solid evaluation of what’s needed.  Look for missing roof shingles, deteriorating siding, and leaks in your home’s sealing.  And, it’s best to avoid temptation and jump on this as soon as possible.  The best home contractors will get booked up quickly, so it’s best to beat the rush and make your home a priority.

The part of your home that gets hit the hardest in the winter time is your roof.  And that’s even in the relatively mild winters we’re blessed with in the Sydney area.  Even if we don’t have to deal with snow, we’ve got the heavy leaf fall of autumn when, added to rainfall, can leave you with a huge soggy mess.  And, leaving it as is just begs for some costly repairs down the line.

In most cases, a proper roof inspection won’t even require you to get out the ladder.  Just pop out and take a look.  If you need a bit of magnification, a trusty pair of binoculars or a smartphone should do the trick.  Get a visual inventory, paying special attention to note missing or damaged shingles or piles of leaf debris.  If you notice anything like this, it’s best to jump onto it quickly.  A few bucks and a call to a contractor can head off expensive repairs in years to come.

The best thing about focusing on the roof is that you get the best of both worlds – functional and aesthetic.  You can increase efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs while boosting curb appeal at the same time.  By replacing your roof, you can increase your home’s value by around 7% and get as much as a 70% ROI.  Plus, if you plan gutter guard installation, it’s important to make sure that your roof is up to snuff before you make the investment.

The next problem point to look into is windows and seals.  The first thing you’ll want to do when milder weather comes in is to open the windows.  So, as you do, take a look.  Do you have any damaged screens?  Screen replacement is relatively simple and makes for a great weekend DIY project.  But, it doesn’t end there.

Were there some parts of the home that just leaked the heat during the winter, no matter what?  Inspect the window frames carefully in these areas.  Look for gaps or improper installations.  Most often, these can be easily fixed with a bit of caulk or putty.  And the upside is that a few hours of work sealing your windows properly can turn into hundreds of dollars saved on heating and cooling costs.  For especially challenging jobs, you may want to consider replacing the window altogether.  This may seem a bit daunting, but you can rest assured that the increased energy efficiency (the reduction in your monthly electric bill) will make sure you make your money back in a matter of months.

Another thing to look into in the spring is your home’s siding.  This is especially important if you haven’t yet gotten around to installing gutter guards.  Water runoff down the side of your home can soak through the siding and cause it to deteriorate.  And, just like effective roofing, your siding is essential for the integrity of your home.  Plus, this is another way to boost function and beauty at the same time.  You can find an impressive array of different styles on the market to make your home pop and get the neighbours talking.

Siding is a bit more complicated and it might be worth it to consult a professional.  You can work with an expert to determine which style, material, and model will work best with you home, both visually and in terms of longevity.  Do it right, and you help to protect your home from inclement weather while beautifying the exterior.

If you’d like more tips for home improvement or you’d like to speak to a professional about leaf free gutter guards, feel free to contact us.  At MKG, we stand ready to help you improve the life of your home.

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