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Why Choose MKG?

MKG Maintenance offers first class service in Gutter Guard installation throughout the quote process right through to the install of your Gutter Guard. Using only the highest quality materials with the highest ratings from CSIRO, our work is guaranteed to be of a professional standard.

Why choose MKG for your Gutter Guard Installation?

  • Saves you the stress and hassle of regularly cleaning out your gutters
  • Eliminates the entry of birds and other pests into your gutters and roofing
  • Extends the life of your gutters and downpipes
  • Aluminium mesh has a 15 year material warranty
  • Helps protect your home from bush fires (ambers falling in gutters are a major cause for house fires)
  • Aids Water Harvesting by keeping your gutters clean and debris free allowing water to flow freely
  • Available in all colourbond colours allowing for colour matching to your roof. If an exact match can’t be found, there will be a close alternative.

Installing your own gutter guards is not always easy, however, if you want some DIY tips, have a read below.

How to install your own gutter guards.

Many people look into installing their own gutter protection. While you can install your own guards its not always a simple to install your own gutter guards properly. If you feel you have the expertise to do so, these few tips will help you along the way.

First you will need a few tools. A tape measure, some self tapping screws, some gloves and tin snips, a  brush for cleaning and of course a drill. You will need to choose your gutter guard and their are plenty of places to buy gutter guards in Sydney. If you live in a bush fire prone area, you should really be using a metal gutter guard.

Before you get going make sure you check the condition of your gutter and fix any holes and give it a good clean. You don’t want to trap any leaves or sticks in there. There are many gutter cleaning Sydney based services if you need help cleaning your gutters.

Make sure you have a good sturdy ladder that is safe to use and that you have good access to your gutters. If you don’t it may be a good idea to set up a scaffolding instead especially if you have a good sturdy base to build it.

Make sure you brush away all the leaves and sticks on the roof so that they don’t blow into the cutters while you are installing your gutter guards. Make sure you clean the roof regularly, especially if you live in a bush fire area. As mentioned metal gutter guards are best in this situation and they are corrosion resistant so you don’t need to replace them that often.

Have a look on Youtube and you will find many videos explaining how to install the gutter guards yourself, however,  if you want it done for you, there are many gutter guard sydney based companies that can help you out.

We also offer a free no obligation quote in all areas in and around Sydney. Contact us today to receive the highest quality, professional gutter guard installation.

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