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Why Gutter Guards are Worth the Investment

So you might be wondering, why put the money into getting a leaf guard?  Gutter guard installation costs money and takes time and effort, and there are lots of other home improvements you could make.  Why invest in something that’s relatively minor?

Let’s think it through.  You don’t get a gutter guard.  Autumn comes, and your roof is filled with leaves.  Rain comes and it washes the leaves down into your gutters.  All good, right?

Sure, if you relish the opportunity to get up on the roof a couple of times a year to dredge out the gutters.  Alternately, you could just let them be.  Your gutters will fill with soggy leaves, they’ll mold, attract pests, and potentially damage your home over time.  On the other hand, if you install a leaf free gutter guard, you can sidestep the whole arrangement and let the leaves wash off of your roof, cleaning them up with a simple Saturday raking project.  You’ll add years to the life of your roof and save yourself the trouble of doing an annoying and dangerous job a few times a year.

A leaf free gutter guard will stop leaves from collecting in your gutters, preventing blockages to the gutters, downspouts, and underground drains.  Without them, you’ll either have to get up on the roof to clean out the gutters, or pay a professional to do it and add to your yearly maintenance bills.  Either way, a one-time investment will save you loads of time and money.  They’ll still need occasional maintenance from time to time, but with gutter protection, you dramatically reduce the amount of time and energy you need to put into your home to keep it healthy and functional.

If you go the other route and let leaves collect in your gutters, you’ll have to deal with mice and other pests.  Birds, bats, mosquitos, spiders, you name it.  Leave those moldy leaves to sit in your gutters and you’ll have all sorts of pests working their way behind your fascia boards and into your home.  Stagnant water is a breeding ground for all sorts of things that you’d rather not deal with, so gutter leaf protection does more than just protect your roof.  It improves the overall health and comfort of your home.

If you live in a place that freezes during the winter, then you’ve got another threat to protect your home from – freezing damage.  Your roof can take the sub-zero temperatures without a blink.  So long as there aren’t pools of water up there, freezing and expanding in the colder months.  Trapped water will become an ice dam in the winter months, preventing debris from washing down the gutters and damaging your roof over time.

But the cold and wet isn’t the whole problem.  Think about the hot summer months.  Get loads of dry leaves piled up on your roof, and you’ve got a fire hazard waiting to happen.  Gutter guards make this a non-issue, allowing the leaves to be carried off your roof naturally instead of building up.

After that, consider the issue of corrosion and rust.  If water collects in the gutters, it will slowly eat way at the metal, corroding it and creating pits and holes.  With a gutter guard installation, you make sure that you never have to deal with excessive water damage, either to your gutters or, if you leave if long enough, to the roof itself.  You eliminate the risk of blockages and improve the flow of water, letting it fall of the roof and into the drain simply and without worry, even in the wettest of months. 

If you’ve like to get a free estimate or look further into the benefits of gutter guards, feel free to contact us.  At MKG, we’re dedicated to giving your roof the protection it needs.

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